SOC 251: Middle Eastern Americans

we will create a collective, crucial analytic to understand and intervene in some of the most major cultural, social, and geo-political debates of our lifetimes: immigration, military intervention, racial profiling, revisions to the U.S. Census racial/ethnic categories, and Islamophobia, to name a few.
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Article titled:“Faces and Phases: Portraits from South Africa’s Lesbian Community”

Despite being the first country to draft a constitution that explicitly forbids discrimination based on sexuality, “hostility toward ‘difference’ has barely slackened,” she writes, “and crimes against gays, and women, have increased.” One in every two women in the country can expect to be raped at least once in her lifetime.

Such attacks have been the driving force behind the work of South African photographer and visual activist Zanele Muholi, whom we commissioned to photograph Lungile Cleopatra Dladla, a survivor of “corrective” rape and one of the subjects of Hunter-Gault’s piece. “In the face of all the challenges our community encounters daily,” Muloli told me, “I embarked on a journey of visual activism to insure that there is black queer visibility.”

Muholi had photographed Dladla already, in fact, as part of “Faces and Phases,” a series of more than two hundred portraits of South Africa’s lesbian community. “Collectively, the portraits are at once a visual statement and an archive,” Muholi explained, “marking, mapping and preserving an often invisible community for posterity.”

Muholi herself became a victim of a targeted attack last month, when the flat she lives in with her partner was broken into and over twenty of her hard drives were stolen, effectively erasing the last five years of work that Muholi has been tirelessly building. “I’m still traumatized by the burglary,” she told me. “It’s hard to fall asleep in this place, which is now a crime scene, as I dealt with many crime scenes before.”

Contributions to help Muholi replace her stolen equipment can be made through this Indiegogo campaign

Published by The New Yorker, 5/22/12

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Whoa look at The Nation’s Cover

And check out the NAMES!

Better start revising the SOC 251 syllabus!


Fear and Loathing of Islam | The Nation

In August 2007 the New York Police Department released a report called “Radicalization in the West: The Homegrown Threat,” claiming that the looming danger to the United States was from “unremarkable” Muslim men under 35…

very relevant to SOC 251


The art: Shirin Aliabadi, Hybrid Girl 6, 2008.

The news: “The Iran We Don’t See: A Tour of the Country Where People Love Americans,” by Christopher Thornton for

The source: Included in the 2008 exhibition “Made in Iran” at Asia House, London.

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The ink was barely dry on Bobby Jindal’s new school voucher program, state tax money given to private and parochial schools to teach Louisiana students, and it’s already a national disgrace and a scandal. Due to the diligent investigative reporting of the Monroe News-Star, this past week has been a nightmare for the Jindal Machine.

The News-Star is publishing a tremendous series of reports on school voucher corruption in Louisiana. These stories are going viral. At the same time former Massachusetts Gov. Mitt Romney is saying the Jindal education plan should be the national model, the truth is finally coming to light.

What happened?

The church-related New Living Word School in Ruston was approved by Superintendent John White’s Louisiana Department of Education to increase its enrollment from 122 to 315 children through vouchers. What’s the problem? Well, they don’t have facilities and their teaching method, according to the News-Star, is to play DVDs for students. Yes, just show an educational DVD. Who needs certified teachers anyway?

This particular “school” would have been the largest voucher recipient in Louisiana. The News-Star articles detail the woeful inadequacy of their program. Worse, the school jacked up their tuition from $200 per month to $8500 per year in order to claim all but $32 of the maximum voucher money allotted per child. What was the total tax money going to this boondoggle? Only 2.7 million dollars of taxpayer cash.

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a comic done by christianne benedict, posted on the womanthology art forum. brilliant!

YES. Jesus, thank you.

I cannot tell you how many times I have had to point out what the audience at conventions actually LOOKS like to people in the industry. They can do signings in a booth full of every kind of person all day long, every color, every size, every orientation and more, and STILL go online and talk about how only white straight males read comics.


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American pop culture islam-ized. 

lol the tina fey one looks like beeta 

bahaha I saw Tina Fey and thought, “hey that looks like me.”


“Do you feel more Arab or more American?” she asked. I had answered the ten previous questions very calmly, but with this question I looked back at the security official confused and irritated. She couldn’t have been much older than me—her business attire and stern facial…

Very reminiscent of our readings from Map of Home in Soc 251 except this isn’t YA Fiction

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“Shirin Ebadi” by Zou Li

Chinese artist painting an Iranian public figure :)

love and inspiration cross borders (of all kinds)! AMAZING and spirited art

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Haha! I want one!

Mz Leth, I believe we can make this happen.

Hey guys! These (awesome) patches I reblogged yesterday belong to the person who owns one of my supergayfantastic watercolours! The OP stripped her credit but her shop is HERE. Go buy something, y’hear?

She’s also a Smithie (<3)

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what. obsessed.

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Students celebrate as college burns.
A group of Chinese college students who celebrated their graduation as their university burned behind them are under fire for making light of a dangerous situation.

The students from Dalian University of Technology City College, Liaoning province, in northern China, were forced to flee when a fire erupted in a storage building near their dormitory on Saturday.

But before they left the students snapped pictures of themselves in their robes and hats as the fire raged behind them.


Sabyasachi Mukherjee

Super hot

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